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About Us

Altaif Businessmen Services, helps entrepreneurs from different countries to set up their business in the UAE. Unlike other similar companies, the Fasttime DCS not only settles the issues with government departments, but also provides qualified discussions on the difference of marketing to the peculiarities of the local market.


Fasttime DCS provides alternatives to its customers varying from companies to individuals looking for support to handle techniques and requirements concerning the UAE Govt. We provide specific service in labor, migrants, financial and municipality, international matters and various other departments.

Due to its ideal place and being a tax-free economic system the UAE has progressed as a leading business hub and become the reason for link between the western and the eastern. Companies across the globe want to set up their functions in UAE. At Fasttime we accomplish the sleek access of people and corporations in UAE by offering end-to-end alternatives.

Our professional teams of experts have in-depth knowledge of the UAE Government legislation, rules, procedures and the local market and are devoted to offering the biggest requirements of service. With state of art facilities and up-to-date technical systems, we are motivated to provide our customers with efficient, qualified and immediate services.

Our customer base covers various industry areas such as Banking and Banking organizations, Software and IT organizations, Law offices, Kindness, Real Estate Agencies, Construction Companies, Production Units, Management Consultancies, Transport Companies and many more.

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